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Stewart Device Cradle
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Product Details
Stewart Device Cradle

The new universal device/GPS holder can be fitted to any X-Series, F-Series and Z-Series model. 

  • Fully adjustable for different devices via 4 rotating claws
  • Adjustable for viewing angle
  • Quick release mechanism

 Device Sizes:

Claw Adjustment: Each of the 4 claws can be rotated in 45 degree increments. This provides 60mm of height and width adjustment and allows you to grip your device away from side buttons etc.

Width Adjustment: Both sides of the holder are adjustable to provide an additional 40mm of width adjustment.

Min Width: 15mm

Maximum Width: 115mm

Maximum Depth: 25mm

Fitting details: 

X-Series: Fitted via a new adaptor that will fit to either side of the handle of your trolley. 

F-Series: Fits to a new part that attaches to the underside of the F1 handle. 

Z3 Push: Fits to any of the accessory points on the Z3 handle.

Z1 Push: Fits to the centre of the handle using the universal mounting.



Stewart Golf will not take any responsibility for any damage caused to any device as a result of using this holder. It is your responsibility to ensure devices are held securely. 


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