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The Most Complete Line of Motorized Walking Golf Carts

Caddy Country Cart Service


Only $59.95*

We'll service your PowaKaddy cart for only $59.95 *plus parts and shipping! In most cases, your repaired cart will be shipped back to you within two business days after we receive it. Call us for easy packing and shipping instruction.

Best service in the business!

As avid golfers ourselves who treasure our time on the course with our motorized caddies, we know firsthand what it means when we're without them for any reason. That's why we back every motorized caddy we sell with and excellent manufacturers warranty. And that's why we have invested so much time, energy and money in creating and maintaining the finest service facility for caddies you will find anywhere in the world.

Right from the start

It starts with delivery of your caddie itself. If you order it before 12PM Central Time on any business day, we will ship it out to you that very day.

Getting in touch

If you have a problem or need a part, please call us immediately. Our service department is open from 9AM to 5PM Central Time Monday through Friday. After hours, please leave a message on our voice mail and we'll call you back promptly the next business day. In most cases, parts are shipped within 24 hours. You can also email our service department by using this form.

When you need repair service

If it's a problem that can't be solved with regular maintenance or simple parts replacement, we're here for you with our excellent repair service.
Nine times out of ten, we'll be able to complete our work and ship your repaired caddie back to you within 48 hours. That's our goal.

Proof of the Pudding

This is a true story that's gives you an idea how much our customers appreciate the excellence of our service. The other day, a customer of ours sent us a $5 tip as a token of how happy he was with the way we handled his service problem. When was the last time you heard of this happening?